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The Christmas Story

I hope you all had a very cozy Christmas and that you are still in the holiday spirit!  You know this kind of spirit, right?  The kind where there’s a mild blurry haze over everything, there’s a fire blazing in the fireplace and in the distance you hear the faint music from a choir of angels?  Yes, that’s the one.

I don’t have knitting or weaving progress to show and tell today, so I thought I’d show some photos from the main event of our Christmas– the dinner.

Venturing into unknown territory, I decided to try cooking a standing rib roast, commonly known as Prime Rib.  I was more than a little nervous after we bought the meat; we felt like we should have had an armed guard with us to protect our investment.  Therefore it was imperative that nothing go wrong with the actual roasting.  But thanks to extensive prime rib cooking information on the site  What’s Cooking America, failure was not an option.  We turned this:

into this (inside was mouth-watering buttery tender to-die-for succulence):

Brian, the quintessential pie chef, made two pies (I made one, too, from a crust he made for me).  It is a joke at our house that Brian carries on all the pie crust conversations and exchanging of recipes with guests who rave over the tender flakiness he produces.

Sherah and John joined us, also bringing delicious food:

And we all had a feast.

And the cats?  They watched, feigning disinterest,  from Sherlock’s tent

And that concludes our Christmas story.

6 thoughts on “The Christmas Story

    1. Thanks Linda… the canisters are Polish pottery (you might already know that) and there is a great store in Country Village up in Bothell called Ada’s Polish Pottery that will make you swoon over the beauty in the things they create.

      I’ve thought for a long time that a fair isle sweater based on Polish pottery designs would be really pretty.

    1. Hmmm… your husband like to cook meat; mine loves to bake pies. Now we just need some bread and vegetables and we’re set. Speaking of vegetables, I actually tried Brussels Sprouts a couple of nights ago for the first time since I was a kid. Surprising how good they are when they aren’t boiled for an hour.

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