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I’m Not The Woman You Think I Am

On Christmas Eve, I was quite surprised and intrigued to receive an email, addressed to an old email account that I forwarded years ago to my current one. It took me a minute to realize it was sent to the wrong person. Here is an excerpt, with names changed to protect the incident:

Good Evening My Sweetheart —
A very Merry Christmas to you, your family, your pets…
[Chatty stuff about family gatherings etc)…
Christmas and New Year’s is a time to look back on the year and  be thankful for small mercies. I am most thankful you and I have met, fallen in love, and grown as a couple. Wow! What a great year in spite of the ugly divorce drama with Hortense. You don’t know how happy you make me and how happy I am we are together.
Sleep well with visions of sugarplums dancing …
Love you madly — but you already knew that!
Will call tomorrow …


Well!  What should I do?  I decided I needed to write Woodrow back and let him know that he sent this email to the wrong person.  After all, who knows what the intended recipient might think if she did not, after all, receive the email?  And who knows how poor Woodrow might feel if he went unanswered by his beloved?

I finally settled on this reply,  reminding myself not to be too mischievous:

Ah, what a most romantic and endearing note you have sent on Christmas Eve, full of chatty good cheer and words a woman loves to hear.
Only, I am not the woman you think I am.
Seriously, you have the wrong email address.  My husband and I pondered at how I might have engaged in such a poetically perfect romance while he and I were extremely happy together.
I wanted to let you know right away, because you should probably find the right email address and send the note to your beloved so that she does not get upset thinking you did not communicate.  It is the stuff of novels, how these misunderstandings can occur and life suddenly begins to swirl downward as you, clueless as to the cause, gaze helplessly from afar and curse fate.  Only to find, years later, it was a simple misspelling of an email address that cracked perfection.
Best of luck to you and Merry Christmas to you both!

The next day I got a very nice reply from Woodrow.  He expressed profuse gratitude for letting him know and said how glad he was that he and Ethel could share some of their happiness with us.  He ended by wishing happy holidays upon us both.  A perfect ending. 

I realized later that Woodrow is a very successful business owner.  Very Successful.  I was impressed that he would take the time to write to a nothing like me.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons he is Very Successful.

Amidst all the holiday distraction, I’ve been unable to start Icy River’s second sleeve.  I must wait until the swirls of activity settle into more predictable, calm and quiet evenings.  Until then I’ve been knitting off and on, on the Kathmandu sweater.  I’ve finished the back, the front, and one sleeve.

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