Categorically Speaking

Adopting my personae as Merely the Maid, I was cleaning the kitchen this morning after last night’s riotous celebrations  (said celebration consisting of four of us watching the first season of Northern Exposure from 8:00 til midnight, eating popcorn and drinking– according to age– wine, eggnog or sparkling cider.)  While restoring order, I pondered what resolutions I would make for the coming year.  2009 was a wonderful year, and 2010 is already shaping up to be quite busy, not to mention my advancing age (half a century?  are you kidding me?)  Somehow I have to survive it, but more than that I want to enjoy it as much or more than the past year.

As one who works with the categorization, storage and retrieval of data on a daily basis, I naturally began to group resolutions into specific types, pigeon-holing them as soon as they materialized.

Many goal-setting workshops teach the SMART acronym:  goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable and Time-based.  I thought about this.  Are my goals reasonable?  Can I actually achieve them within one year?  And how could I measure my adherence or progress?  So here it is, set out for all to see.  I will undoubtedly refer back to this post as I judge my own progress.  But wait a minute… I’m supposed to be less judgmental.  Arghh!!

  1. Continuous goals:
    1. Walk and/or exercise every day.
      • Measure by keeping a spreadsheet of compliance.
    2. Cook/eat only healthy foods.
      • Measure by keeping a diary of meals and menus
    3. Improve my home by doing at least one home-improvement project per month.
      • Measure by keeping a list of projects done and the date on which they were accomplished.
      • Keep in mind that the projects don’t need to be huge.  Just painting the trim in one room would count.
  2. One-time goals (all measured by the existence of the article by the end of the year):
    1. Complete a quilt.
    2. Weave fabric/make roman shades for the dining room from it.
    3. Design and knit a sweater for myself that actually fits.
  3. Character goals:
    1. Be more socially proactive and interactive.
      • Have more dinner guests
      • Attend Knitting Guild meetings
      • Take classes at Madrona Fiber Retreat
      • Knit with friends more often
    2. Be less critical and judgmental.
      • maintain awareness and just keep your mouth shut
      • focus on positive comments
    3. Be more tolerant.
      • remember that others don’t always share your perspective

I hope your new year is happy and healthy, and that you achieve all your goals and dreams!

6 thoughts on “Categorically Speaking

  1. Sheila,

    It was so kind of you to pop into the blog and say hello and wish me a fabby new year. I see you are as organized and full of plans as ever. Good plans as well~~ you are focusing on all areas instead of just one which I think shows how well rounded you are. I look forward to following your progress on your goals 😉 Many blessings to you and all those you hold dear.

  2. Great goals for the year! I piggy back some of them, though the one I struggle with is the exercise one, oh and the eat healthy one too. I guess if we just do it incrementally, then over time it WILL make a difference. Cheers!

    1. It’s so hard to eat healthy if you’re as lazy as I am about cooking… but it just seems like the difference in energy levels should keep us inspired to eat well.

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