Recovering Commuter Falls On Wagon

All this week my morning will consist of getting up way too early to commute across Lake Washington to Bellevue for a Sharepoint class.  This leaves practically no time for blogging, so I will probably not be posting much until next week.  And hopefully I can find the charger for my camera between now and then, for I have finished the Debblie Bliss sweater, a veritable knitted hug, and would like to show it to you.

I have been a recovering commuter for over a year now.  I hate that I am forced to return to that evil, evil practice, if only for a week.  Since I have to take my wagon on the road, I guess I can’t exactly fall off it, can I?  If I ever take another job that includes more than a five-minute commute, will someone please intervene?

4 thoughts on “Recovering Commuter Falls On Wagon

  1. I’m taking it at SQLSoft, on 112th (1750 112th, to be exact). I’m there right now. It’s pretty darn close to your office! And they take the Microsoft vouchers. Honestly it’s pretty hard to find Sharepoint training elsewhere. I’ll have to find somewhere to go for lunch, though, as they don’t provide it. Or else be enough on the ball to make a lunch to bring. Nah, won’t happen.

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