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Paralysis & Dearth, the Choice Brothers

After a week of searching intermittently for my camera’s power adapter/charger cord, I gave up and ordered a new one, which may or may not arrive sometime this week.  I expect that I shall find the old one as soon as the new one arrives.  Because that’s just how things work.  Until then, we have Pictureless Pennings.

The Sharepoint class last week was all-consuming and now I dwell in the Land Of Many Choices, where I must choose a path for implementation, a version to implement, a configuration, blah blah blah.  Someone describes this as “Paralysis of Choice”, and it applies to many aspects of life.

There were copious labs and breaks during the class, and since Brian had requested that I knit him a vest, I took advantage of those opportunities to work on it. 

He did not simply say “Could you knit me a vest please?”.  He was specific (which I truly appreciate).  He requested a cardigan vest that he can keep at the office (he commutes to work by bicycle no matter what the weather).  Further, he wants pockets, primarily for his phone.   To be big enough for a phone, the pockets will have to be vertical slit pockets.  Patch pockets big enough to accommodate a Droid would be comically huge and provoke guffaws from casual passers-by.

So, my friends, do you know how many patterns exist for mens cardigan vests that have vertical pockets? 

This was one case where Paralysis of Choice was not a factor.  His brother, Dearth of Choice, took his place.  Nothing I found would do; nothing at all.

So I stuck my tongue up in the corner of my mouth and thought very hard about how to knit this theoretical vest.   Using a gray-green Cascades 200 Heather and a design from a book as an inspirational starting point, I changed almost everything.  I’d love to show you how it’s coming along.  But?

See Paragraph 1.

One thought on “Paralysis & Dearth, the Choice Brothers

  1. Well if you WERE able to post a picture I’m SURE we’d love it and I know you can modify the pattern to your heart’s content to make the vertical slit pockets just right.
    How nice he asked you to make him a vest!

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