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The Debbie Bliss Sweater and the 1st-Anniversary Vest

I am so glad that the week is over.  Spending all week on a critical issue at work does not improve one’s mood.  I couldn’t even think of a semi-clever title for this post, so you can imagine how entertaining the body will be.   But at least the camera cable arrived (I’ve still not found the original one) and here is proof of knitting progress.

First, the completed Debbie Bliss sweater.  Well, almost completed.  The ends haven’t been sewn in and it hasn’t been washed and blocked yet. Maybe I’ll have time to do that later this weekend.  It is a little bigger than I’d like, but that seems to be par for the course these days, and it’s not terribly bad.  Please ignore the rug that needs to be vacuumed.

I was really proud of my side seams.  Can you see this one?  I hope not– I think the decreases and increases are much more obvious than the seam.  I’ve traditionally hated to sew sweaters together, so for the longest time I’ve simply knitted in the round.  I forgot about my prejudice this time, and determine to make the best of it.  I’m glad I did.

The vest I described in my last post is coming along, slowly but nicely.  The photo does not capture the true color, which is much grayer and more manly than this silly color my computer made up.  The darker color is a smoky green-blue, while the body color is a lighter gray-green, both Cascade 220 Heather.  I plan to knit the pocket liner with the darker color and then sew it to the inside of the vest.  I’ll refer to this as “The  First-Anniversary Vest” although there is no way on God’s green earth that it will be finished before our anniversary, which is next Sunday.  The bottom ribbing seems wobbly because the cables aren’t blocked out yet.  They’ll straighten up eventually.

Meanwhile, Sherah’s education is continuing and the blog has a couple of entries. Check it out if you’re interested at Absolutely Relative — there’s also a link on the sidebar for future reference.

4 thoughts on “The Debbie Bliss Sweater and the 1st-Anniversary Vest

  1. Beautiful knitting! Love the color of the Debbie Bliss one. I always like my sweaters a little on the big size–just in case. Sigh!

    1. Thanks Karen! The sweater is growing on me (har-har) and though it is a very loose fit it is so comfy I feel like I’m wearing a bathrobe. Sinful.

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