Yes, I Have Been Knitting

I have suffered the slings of self-directed arrows regarding the former fit of my knitting endeavors.  Realizing that all things knit B.J.W. (before Jean Wong) were far inferior to what was possible, I was a bit discouraged about knitting after Madrona.  The yarn I had chosen for the fitted pullover for which we had drawn a pattern is half alpaca, half bamboo, sure to stretch uncontrollably.  This would not (I advised myself) be a good test of my fitted pattern.

Since I couldn’t guarantee that I could find another, less drapey yarn, that had the exact same gauge, I was forced to redraw parts of my pattern in order to figure out the exact decreases/increases needed to shape the garment.  Since I had to redraw the pattern, I might as well use a totally different gauge, right?  Right.  So I chose to use the new Blackwater Abbey jumperweight in the color Purple Heather.  I adore BWA yarn.  It is good, honest wool and has beautiful depth and definition.

So, using the Ondule pattern from Knitspot, I altered it to fit me, according to the rules of Ms. Wong.  Here is a picture of how the back armhole curve is supposed to be:

And here is a picture of how the back armhole curve actually is:

I couldn’t be more pleased!  A small statue of St. Jean will be placed right alongside St. Judith.

Here is the whole back so far:

There was still the red yarn to be used, though, and its softness is entirely opposite of the sturdiness of the BWA.  I chose a reversible brioche cable pattern I found on Ravelry and now I switch between the two when I am alternately tired of hardness or cushy softness.

3 thoughts on “Yes, I Have Been Knitting

  1. Just catching up on my blog reading. Your Jean Wong class sounds fabulous… I have friends who have been doing the Nihon Vogue certificate class with her the past 2 years. I am beginning to see the sense in it, but still unwilling to put in the time. Love the red brioche swatch, too!

  2. Well, Katie, I’ve never seen anything you knit not fit you perfectly and look beautiful, but having said that I would love to see you in my class this fall!

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