Books and Blocking

I completed knitting two very large pocket linings (for very large hands) onto the First Anniversary Vest and figured I would need to wash and block it before sewing them to the inside of the sweater.  Since it’s pretty hard to block for pockets when you’ve already sewn the shoulder seams, that delight has been delayed until the vest is dry. 

You can see that I knit a contrasting edge on one pocket that I haven’t mimicked yet on the second.  oops. 

Still working on Ondule, but I’ve been distracted by a couple of recent acquisitions.  Namely, the beautiful Haapsalu Shawls book and the new Shirley Paden design book.  I haven’t been adding to my knitting library at quite the rate I used to, but these are treasures that should go on every fiber addict’s shelf.  (Though Knit-Purl says the Haapsalu book is for pre-order, I ordered and received mine within three days.  I understand it is already back-ordered at quite a few places but perhaps the shipments have come through now.) 

One of my knitting friends brought the Haapsalu book with her last week and we (the book and I) came to an immediate understanding that a copy would soon come to live with me.  As for the Paden book, I saw it at Weaving Works.  It is a comprehensive guide to knit design, with many, many tips and formulas.  Though I don’t believe for a moment that it will replace my desire for the Nihon Vogue training, it is a wonderful resource and I was happy to find it.

2 thoughts on “Books and Blocking

  1. Your First Anniversary Vest is absolutely stunning, Sheila! You’ve done a wonderful job on it! So glad you treated yourself to a couple of new books. You deserve it!

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