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Vested Satisfaction

As you may have guessed from the paucity of posts in the recent past, I’ve been pretty busy.  Work, family, funerals, friends, and furry critters have kept me hopping.  In spite of it all I’ve managed to conclude the chapter of my knitting entitled “The First Anniversary Vest”, that being modeled here good-naturedly by my wonderful husband Brian  (Academy Award speech here, blah blah blah).

I include the following photo as an indication of what our evenings usually look like, he in his chair reading, me possibly spinning, Sherlock close by.  Snug; cozy.

Also concluded was the Icy River chapter, the sweater being handed over to its new owner, Christine,  and modeled with aplomb by same. 

 She was at a small gathering of knitters last Thursday, and as we sat and knit and chatted, Jeannine reached into her bag and pulled out her tape measure,  the kind with a sheep cover, marketed by Lantern Moon.  Julie looked at it for a moment, reached into her bag, and pulled out its twin.  Not to be outdone, I reached into my bag, and pulled out my own.  We had a good laugh, deciding that the three were slightly different breeds judging from their head shapes and fullness of wool.  Baaa!

3 thoughts on “Vested Satisfaction

  1. Ha! There are our sheep! Why is mine the dirtiest one? I wonder why? I love that we got to see you give your lovingly made sweater to Christine 🙂 Nice shot!
    The vest looks great too! Love it! Looking forward to next Knit Night!

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