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Maidenhair Revisited

A knitter’s project must be paired with her mood.  Is this not so?  Who’s to say what project suits what frame of mind?  You’d think that a week of chaos would make me want to knit something mindless like garter stitch.  Instead, after rambling through all my yarn, patterns, books and abandoned wips, I settled on this one.

It must have been five years since I worked on Maidenhair.  At the time, I thought it extremely laborious and finicky.  Now I find it smooth and satisfying.  I love working with the gansey yarn and needles that seem impossibly small for it.  I particularly like the central lace pattern.  If I were to start it all over again (which I won’t) I might substitute something else for a couple of the smaller panels, but overall this is a very pretty and satisfying knit.  Perhaps I will finish it.

Someone else has learned to enjoy watching the movement of the needles while perched just above my shoulders.

And as for the dish towels, I’ve managed to wind a sample warp of 60 inches that I hope to get beamed on today.  It’s like swatching for knitting– time consuming and irritating, but time-saving and valuable in the end.

The  monthly family funeral trend continues, with the death on April 1 of yet another family member.  I’m hoping this trend ends now, but that party on the other side is sure attracting a lot of folks!

3 thoughts on “Maidenhair Revisited

  1. I am so glad that you have restablished a relationship with Maidenhair. She is surely someone to be ‘reckoned with’ but a lovely lass nontheless.

  2. I’m so sorry about the number of funerals. Yes, they’ll be partying on the other side–but loss is loss. It isn’t easy. You’re knitting is outstanding. Isn’t it interesting how our skills improve without our even being aware of it? The Maidenhair is going to be beautiful!

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