Minni — Me?

I blame it all on Ravelry.

Someone favorited the most darling little girl sweater in the universe,  named Minni and found here at Dances With Wool.  Who could resist?  Whoosh! went Maidenhair, back to second in the queue, upstaged by this little wraparound cardigan.  It includes some of my favorite features:  ingenius, interesting construction, working with slowly changing colors, and using up small amounts of wool from stash. 

I betook myself, therefore, to the giant cupboard of all that is yarn and put these three together (Rowan 4-ply heather, Noro sock yarn and Jamieson Spindrift in, oh, let’s say “Lavender”):

Then, while my beloved husband was away out of town, I sat among my furry friends and knit and knit and knit and knit.  Unfortunately the pictures cannot do the colors justice, but they will give you an idea of how it is constructed.  This is more fun than any knitter should have.  If you have a little girl up to 18 months old to knit for, I entreat you to take this project up.  If you don’t, you could pretend that someone in your family is soon going to have a darling little girl who needs this very sweater.  If even that is too difficult, you could cruise the local mall, spot a small girl-child and pretend she is someone for whom you must knit Minni.  You will not be sorry.   It is a design that inspires the color-lover and makes her want to knit one in many combinations, or else to find the time to knit an adult sweater using the same general idea (though that would be a daunting project).

Warning:  This designer (Lene Alve) also has an adorable design called Lilliput.  Charming, delightful, refreshing.

3 thoughts on “Minni — Me?

  1. I so totally agree! I follow Lene’s blog, and bought both her patterns. A number of my friends have immediately asked, “where’s the adult size?” You made incredible progress in a short time. I have no little one to knit it for, but may just go ahead and make one anyway!

  2. I am totally SMITTEN by these girl cardigans. Having done one adult “Poppy” which uses excess Noro and alot of combining and striping of yarns, I am drawn to and fascinated by this little Minni and the Lilliput as well. I must put them in the queue. Maybe start them sooner than later. I find them utterly adorable! DROOL!

  3. I have TWO granddaughters who are 18 months old!!! I’m going to order the pattern. You’ve so convinced me, dear Sheila!!!

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