Fulmar x 2

Recently a wonderful friend sent to me enough of the Alice Starmore Fleet in the discontinued Pink Pearl color that I could knit the “Real Fulmar” as it appears in Aran Knitting.  What a generous gift!  Even though I had started Fulmar already in the Denim color of British Breeds, I felt I simply must start another one right away in this glorious shade.  So, here they are, growing up together– Fulmar the Blue and his little sister Pinkie.

The weather finally decided to warm up to a toasty 73 degrees today for the first time this summer.  This event coincided with a failure of the air conditioning system in the building in which I work.  I felt like a sausage link plumping up in the heat, ready to explode at any moment.  So I escaped.

All the graduations are over now; hopefully there will be no more funerals this year.  I’m all ready to start 2010!

3 thoughts on “Fulmar x 2

  1. I’ve been popping back here every so often to see what progress has been made on the fraternal Fulmar twins. My guess is that you have put down your needles and are waiting for cooler weather. My Fulmar is languishing in the cedar chest waiting for the final sleeve to be knit.

  2. Hi Mundi,

    I haven’t progressed as much as I’d like, but I do have a significant bit knit since the last photo. I’ll try to post an update later today, and catch anybody who hasn’t given up on me up on the other material things growing on the needles.

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