Summer’s End

I’ve been blogging for almost eight years now.  More or less.  Less, as of late!  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking materially.  And not only thinking, or dreaming, but doing.  (We won’t discuss finishing quite yet).

Since last we met, my pretty pink Fulmar has grown quite a bit, but the back is still not quite finished.  She grows slowly due to the fine gauge and frequent twists.  Her brother, the Blue, had to undergo surgery due to two miscrossed cables, and he has languished.  Which do I like better?  Please don’t make me choose!

Not long ago, Alice Starmore released her new Bainin in several scrumptious colors.  I was able to get an advance shipment of the Foinaven, which is a color comparable to the most gorgeous merlot wine.  I joined a knitalong with my favorite group on Ravelry, and now the entire back of Alice Starmore’s Golden Gate is complete. (Watch for Aran Knitting, which has recently been re-published by Dover and contains a really pretty new design!).

At the same time, I worked on answering a challenge to design a sweater using Virtual Yarns’ Hebridean 2-ply.  I swatched, and swatched, and swatched some more, refusing to give up.  Finally my Muse spoke to me, and result is Misty Gardens.  The first one, shown here mid-armhole steek, will be a traditional crew neck, knit for a man.  The second one will use the same colors and pattern but will have set-in sleeves and a boatneck roll-back collar, knit for a woman.  I absolutely love knitting this, the colors are just gorgeous together, and the softness of the wool is delightful.  It practically grows by itself!  I plan to publish this pattern next spring or earlier, so if you’re interested,  keep in touch!

Another project has been an afghan for a dear friend’s companion, who faces serious lung cancer.  Over 30 wonderful knitters are participating in this endeavor, and the result is guaranteed to be stunning. We are using the new Bainin in the color Clisham, and employing the cable designs from Starmore sweaters within 15″ blocks set apart by lattice strips of moss and double-moss.

Last, but not least, I have completed two of my four swatches for the first Nihon Vogue class, which starts this month.  I am looking forward to the technical detail, hard work and completed items that will define this course.

In other news, a dear and generous friend gave me a Brother 965i electronic knitting machine, with which I am expanding my fiber horizons.  It is a completely different art, just as challenging as hand-knitting but in different ways.  It will never replace handknitting for me, but I look forward to being able to knit garments which would be mind-numbingly boring to hand knit but which I would love to wear!  I have taken a couple of lessons from a very experienced teacher, and will need to take a few more before I really “get it”.  It all seems so clear while I’m at the lesson, but then my brain decides it needs to clear it out.  Plop!  There it goes.

The loom has been idle for the summer, but I plan to fire it up this weekend and finish those dish towels.  Right after the guitar lesson.  Yes, my darling Brian and I have started taking guitar lessons in beautiful downtown Fremont on Saturday mornings.  It’s been quite fun to have our lesson, enjoy a Peet’s coffee afterward, then walk down the street to shop for organic produce at PCC.  Why organic produce?  Because we’ve started juicing at least three times a day.  More carrots than you have ever imagined go through our systems, along with beets, celery, apple, pineapple, grapefruit, ginger, parsley, garlic– the list is endless.  After a round of tennis, a tandem ride or a walk with the dog, it’s very refreshing.

There.  I think we’re all caught up now!

4 thoughts on “Summer’s End

  1. Yes indeed, we are caught up now! Love it! Great for you, doing the juicing. I did a few “green smoothies” in my osterizer this summer with some spinach. They were fun!
    I’m sure good for me too! Glad to see your projects rolling along! Miss seeing you,and sounds like you have been busy enjoying summer! Guitar lessons and a new sewing machine! Wow!

  2. WOW! I thought I had had a busy summer. You have been a veritable whirling dirvish extraordinaire. I’m so glad that you haven’t chosen a favorite twin as they are both perfectly gorgeous. I’ve always coveted Golden Gate and Foinaven is lovely …. a lovely glass of merlot beneath the shadow of the Golden Gate. What could be better?

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