What is this thing?

 I got home from work, fed the zoo, caught up on email and snail mail.  All the usual things.  Then I played “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” at least 213 times on the guitar, because I don’t want to let my guitar teacher down next week, and Loki chased the ticker on the metronome because it drives him crazy.

Normally right about now is when I would pick up the knitting needles.  But my inner Self has just said a strange thing to me:  “I don’t want to knit.”  Say what? 

But the truth is, I’ve knit all summer– long, furiously, fast, on several projects.  I’ve knit miles of swatches.  I’m tired of knitting.  And the irony is?  My Nihon Vogue class starts tomorrow. 

Truthfully, I am sure that by tomorrow I will be re-psyched to knit.  I’m not really worried about that.  But I looked around me and thought– huh.  If I’m not going to knit, what in the world am I going to do?    I poked around on Ravelry, read some other people’s blogs.  And decided maybe I should actually write a blog entry, even if I didn’t want to show knitting pictures.

It’s not that the only thing I ever do is knit.  As a matter of fact, I read an entire book in the last three days, on the Kindle app on my newish Droid X.   I read The Help, and I enjoyed every single word of it.

But now, the book is finished.  I’m too fidgety to watch anything on tv or dvd; I don’t feel like cooking; it’s too early to have a glass of wine.  It’s too rainy to go for a walk, and I don’t want to go shopping.


Is this called relaxing?

2 thoughts on “What is this thing?

  1. ok, weird, your post is dated September 18, and it is still September 17? I heard recently “The Help” was a good read. I have been considering getting a Kindle though don’t own a Droid.. I am just waiting until the price wars are over and either the Nook or the Kindle 3 come out the clear winner. It has been too rainy, true. Enjoy the peace and quiet of doing nothing.

  2. No, I don’t think that would be relaxing. Sounds more like fretting to me! 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear about the Nihon Vogue class!

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