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Election Day 2010

On this dreary/sunny/rainy/dreary/dreary/dreary election day (typical Seattle weather for this time of year), I elect… to show you the latest Finished Objects.

First, the one I am most pleased with; a gargantuan effort by nearly 40 people in several countries to complete what is now known as Nanc’s Afghan.  This giant work of art, each square inspired by an Alice Starmore design, now wraps Nanc in comfort as she continues her battle with cancer.  We had to lay it out in the ampitheatre surrounding the 18th hole of the golf course to have room to photograph it! (click to see a much more detailed view)

My own square contribution to this was a modified version of a cable in the dictionary from Aran Knitting. The final effort used around 80 skeins of Alice Starmore Bainin in the color Clisham and measures about 105″ square.

Several of us met in beautiful Walla Walla, Washington to sew this baby up.  I knit frantically on the outer borders while the rest of the pieces were being sewn.  This lovely lady did a good part of the sewing herself (beautiful vest, no?).

And here is my good friend Linda, working away:

My other finished object is the LacyKaty scarf (you can find it on Ravelry), knit in Kauni Effektgarn in a short five evenings.  I love it!

6 thoughts on “Election Day 2010

  1. Wow…. Sheila.. nice write up. I will have to link up from my blog when I finally get a post together. Great post and I love everything you knit.

  2. Hi! I found your blog while looking at this pattern on ravelry. I’m absolutely crazy about the way the yarn changes colors in your shawl! Does the yarn naturally do this or did you have to change colors? Can you explain this to me at all? I’m fairly new to knitting, working on my first shawl now after lots of baby blankets and hats! Thank you!!

    1. Sarah, it is knit using Kauni Effektgarn, which is a yarn that has long color changes, so the knitter does not have to change the colors. Good luck on your knitting!

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