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A Divorce of a Different Color

 I have finally had enough.  He demands so much of my time, lures me into spending money for things I don’t need, stirs up discontent with my friends, and when I ask a simple question, gives me so many differing answers (that often include pornography) that I am more confused than when I started.

Before you get the wrong idea, my darling Brian and I are fine, wedded and happy.  No, I speak of another long-term relationship, one that began more than 15 years ago.

I’m talking about divorcing that great seducer,  The Internet. 

I knew he was seeing other people, I knew he was cheating on me and telling other people things about me he had no business sharing.  But I was so in love with him!  Our passion knew no bounds; we would leap into each other’s arms at every opportunity and spend hours together exploring new sites.  I thought he had so much to offer, but everything came with a price.

Finally, the showdown happened.  I tried to opt out of several email lists, and he kept hurling their pesky messages back at me.  I shouted at him, but he pretended not to hear.  He made me look at things that told me details of friends’, relatives’ and acquaintances’ personal lives that I didn’t even want to know.  I had had enough, and slowly, quietly and deliberately turned. him. off.

Now, there are slight custody issues that have to be dealt with.  We’ve worked out an agreement that I will have visitation rights weekly for two hours.  During visitation, I can write a blog post,  find recipes and check on Ravelry and place online orders for things I actually need.  During the week I can check email via my Droid, but apart from that, I will finally be free to concentrate on interests that do not depend on this bully.

The freedom is intoxicating.  I turn off my computer at home for days at a time.  I no longer wander into the office every half hour to see what’s new with Him.  I work logic puzzles by hand on real paper with a real pencil.  I cook real meals.  I might even be able to concentrate on finishing real projects.

How is He taking it?  He’s furious.  I open my email and find all the insults he slings my way, all the taunts about holiday sales and free shipping and how I need to upgrade this or that software.  I’m ignoring him.  I don’t think he’ll go away, but I’m through lavishing attention on him.  If he dies tomorrow, I won’t mourn him.

3 thoughts on “A Divorce of a Different Color

  1. Oh Sheila, if only I had your strength! I’m getting better at it all the time. I went 10 hours yesterday without “him”, but only because I was out of the house and wasn’t allowed to turn on my iPhone during a live theatrical production we went to, and the rest of the time, I was driving. I think I’m going to work on becoming more independent after the first of the year, so I can experience that same liberation!

  2. I am so happy for you. I have spent the last three months limiting time… It has led to not reading my friends blogs, not posting my book reviews, and not faving and commenting on people projects. I have ended up feeling guilty. I have to find a way to do what I need to do and let unread blog posts go unread, and not play catch up. I admire you for your decision. I have found it liberating too.. but dang..the guilt…

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