Nihon Vogue

Omelette, Eggs

My new status as the ex-Mrs. Internet is interesting and for the most part, fruitful.  I confess to having fallen off the wagon only a couple of times this past week, for totally justifiable reasons.  You!  I see you rolling your eyes.  Go play Machinarium or something, will you?

I was remiss in my last couple of blog posts in that I failed to mention Nihon Vogue or my progress therein.  At our last class, we continued designing our raglan, and I have finished mine down to the end of the ribbing.  We are under Strict Orders not to bind off, for there is a magic bind-off in rib that we are to be taught next time.

For the vest project, we charted the curves of armhole and neck.  Like the raglan, we are to knit to the end of the rib, and also up to the shoulder point (but not beyond, for we get to learn how to shape our shoulders with Short Rows next time).

Meanwhile, most of us had swatches for the next project, the Round-Neck Pullover (RNP), to submit for approval.  The patterns we chose had to be symmetrical, and so I presented a pretty little basketweave.  This was immediately rejected!  Why?  Because to pick up the neck, I would have to pick up from purl stitches and we have “Not Learned That Yet”.  I was feeling pretty sad about that– all the wasted time finding and swatching something I liked– but then I realized that most of the other swatches that were brought had been rejected too, for similar and other reasons.  So this was frustrating, but I was not alone, and we all learned a valuable lesson:  ask lots of questions before swatching, as to what is acceptable and what is not.

For our January class, I will have to submit replacement swatches for the RNP and a new set of swatches for project #4, the V-Neck Pullover (VNP).  When we submit swatches, we have to submit one unwashed and one washed.  If we are knitting in a stitch pattern other than stockinette, we have to submit four swatches; two in stockinette (washed and unwashed) and two in pattern (washed and unwashed).  This amounts to quite a bit of swatching, but in the long run it really doesn’t amount to much.

Already, Nihon Vogue has ruined my knitting.  Well, okay, it has ruined my former nonchalance about knitting.  I cannot now pick up a pattern for anything bar shawls and scarves and afghans and knit it with abandon.  No– I now have to spend time figuring out whether what the designer figured out will actually fit me.  Basically, I have to take what they did and redo it using my gauge and my measurements.  And if turns out exactly the same?   I’ll just call it Quailty Control, give them a mental pat on the back, and mark them down as someone who designs things that fit me.  But if it doesn’t, I’ll pat myself on the back and knit with the assurance that if the garment does not fit, it’s my fault entirely.  And if it does?  The omelette is worth the broken eggs.

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