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Respite at the Inn of the Yarniverse


I spent all last week pretending to be a nurse to my stepmother, and when I at last got home to seattle, it was only to find a sick husband.  Yesterday the big dog stepped on the little dog, so now I have an injured dog.  Meanwhile, three of my computer’s hard drives failed at the same time, so I have a very ill computer. 

Is it therefore any surprise that today I woke up sick?  I thought not.

So here I sit with Ann Droid, writing another blog post by swyping.  I love swyping.  I especially love the fact that it recognizes the word “swyping”.

Anyway, in my last post I mentioned trying to go to a yarn store in Memphis.  So, when mom’s two friends since 1943 showed up at the hospital to visit her, I slipped out and found respite at the inn of the Yarniverse. 

Not only did I find yarn therapy there, but also dog therapy,as one of the ladies knitting around the table had brought her sweet golden retriever, Maybell, with her.

Yarniverse is a great shop, and I wish I lived closer to it.  It is filed with wonderful samples and the owner…was it Carol?…is such a nice person.  Not normally a person who knits hats, I nonetheless saw the cutest hat knit up as a sample and decided to knit it with two skeins of Malabrigo.

Here it is so far, I’ve only got ten more I-cords to go before I gather them all at the top and let the ends dangle fetchingly down over the crown.

5 thoughts on “Respite at the Inn of the Yarniverse

  1. Hi there! Maybelle was delighted to be mentioned here in your blog! She is hoping you’ll come back to the wonderful Yarniverse where she is happy to console you and any others who wander in.

    Sue (and Maybelle)

    1. It was great to meet you both, Sue! Maybelle was just the thing I needed at that moment, and I’ll be sure to visit Yarniverse again any time I’m within a 200-mile radius!

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