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Faith, Math and Paranoia

Faith is highly overrated.  Math is usually more reliable.  You would think that if you did the Math correctly, you could have Faith that everything would work out right. But there is an ingredient missing:  Paranoia.

I present to you Exhibit A:  Nihon Vogue Project 2: Top-Down Raglan.  It looks innocent enough, but when it is donned by the intended wearer (that would be me) it transforms her from a slightly out of shape middle-aged professional to a worndown parody of a shapeless bag lady.

Why?  My recipe — or rather, the Nihon Vogue recipe– for the top-down raglan has suffered from my forgetting to be Paranoid.  If I had approached this garment like I approach my day job, I would have checked and double-checked and triple-checked every time I put it down or picked it up.  I would check

  1. That the gauge agreed with the gauge from which I made my calculations
  2. That I had not siginficantly gained or lost measurements from which I made my calculations
  3. That my measurements made sense
  4. That my calculations made sense
  5. That I was using the correct size and brand of needles
  6. That I had counted rows between increases or decreases correctly
  7. And anything else I could find to fuel my paranoia

If I had been paranoid enough, I would have had three people measure me and remeasure me and remeasure me.  I would have three different tape measures to be sure that the centimeters I got on one agreed with the other two.  I would have other people double-check the measurements of the garment. 

It sounds quite exhausting.

Knitting designs based on my own calculations will not be relaxing until I’ve had a lot more practice.

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