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More On the Raglan

After a couple of days recuperating from the shock that my Nihon Vogue raglan did not fit; after assuring myself that I would be more paranoid in the future, and after realizing that the whole reason for taking the certification in the first place was to learn either not to make these kinds of mistakes to begin with or to learn how to correct them, I made peace with my pain.

The peacemaking consisted first of finishing the second sleeve using the correct gauge.  At the same time, I shortened the sleeve.  This meant that I had to accept a bigger cuff circumference than I had originally planned, but it wasn’t so much as to be horrible.  I finished the sleeve and the cuff but didn’t bind off.  I then ripped the second sleeve back to the point where the revised cuff location would begin.  Somehow, my stitch count was off, and I would either have had to decrease another four stitches or… well, there was no alternative.

Now, another thing I did on the other sleeve was to knit it using two circulars.  Somewhere I read that if you use two circulars, you should constantly move the point where the two needles meet so that you don’t get a line where you change needles.  I thought this was smart advice, and did so.  Unfortunately, I pulled the yarn too tightly at the needle change point, ending up with a nice spiral going around my sleeve, thusly:

Given all of these circumstances, I really had only one choice:  rip back both sleeves to their beginning, recalculate the rate of decrease from the top to the beginning of the cuff, and reknit.  I feel good about this; I really do.

5 thoughts on “More On the Raglan

  1. Sheila, You are a strong, admirable woman. I don’t drink, but I think ripping out two sleeves would make me thirst for a scotch. Or two. Perhaps I’d need one for each sleeve.

  2. Well, I really appreciate any and all moral support– thank you. I’ve got one sleeve done now and am poised to start the other one over tonight. Soon it will be but a distant memory…

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