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Raglan and Rant

Here you see a photo of my nigh-onto-finished Nihon Vogue Raglan. 

 The 5 sleeves are done (two of them remain).  The bindoffs on bottom, cuffs and neck are done (I love the bindoff, it’s beautiful and stretchy; well worth the time it takes). 

The only thing left is to learn the secret of how to finish the very last bindoff stitch on each of the bindoffs (that is why markers remain), and then to weave in all ends.  This very secret shall be revealed on Saturday, March 12, 2011– a historic day in the life of a new Nihonette.  Am I happy?  I am giddy.  I am so glad I took the time to make things right.

The raglan we designed in class is a very simple one, with a minimum of calculations and maximum of assumptions.  This is just a beginning place.  I can see how decreasing at a slower rate along the sleeve side of the raglan line would lead to a better-fitting sleeve.  And I can see how using short rows to shape the bust might help the overall fit.  But what I have here is a reference point.  I can now modify the pattern, and with each modification accept or reject the effect.  Eventually I’ll get the perfect raglan pattern for me, which will be different than the perfect raglan pattern for any other person.

And now for my rant.  I haven’t ranted for a while; I thought I had sworn it off.  But every once in a while I need to vent just a bit.  I thought about ranting about the ubiquitous misspelling of the word “definitely”, but decided it wouldn’t help much.  (It is definitely not spelled “definately”).  But yesterday provided a frustrating experience that I thought was possibly rantworthy.

First, let me take a couple of polls, may I?  Think of it as the pre-rant ramp-up.  I will return with more details after the polls are closed, or next post, whichever comes first. (edited to add:  choose as many answers as you like as long as they don’t disagree with each other)

9 thoughts on “Raglan and Rant

  1. Sometimes I specify expedited shipping, but understand that things happen. Communicating with the customer is essential and can save the sale or relationship. All I ask is that they keep me advised.

  2. My husband and I own an online bookstore, so these issues come up more than you’d think. Emailing the customer is essential. Folks are generally very understanding and we work out whatever we have to to get the order filled to their satisfaction.

    So sorry you had such a bad experience!

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