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Treadwater Knitting

The Nihon Vogue Vest (Project 1) has arrived at its necessary state of completion for the next class.  Front and Back are knit, shoulders are sloped with short-rows, ribbing is bound off in the prescribed manner.   This is a round-neck vest with ribbing at the neck and arms.  I chose to use Blackwater Abbey’s 2-ply worsted, in the color Iris.

 Thor, who is normally a fairly reclusive cat,  sometimes decides to be almost comically sociable (presumably depending on the current phase of the moon).  It was fun to have him involved in this photo shoot:

Before the next homework assignment takes over my knitting time, I feel I must tread water, saving up my strength to swim the next few laps.  For that purpose, I have two projects at hand.  The first is to complete the sleeves for Misty Gardens (my own design, using Alice Starmore 2-ply Hebridean).  While I love the color and pattern combination, I’m not thrilled with the drop shoulders.  So I will complete this one for a dear friend who loves drop shoulders, and then I will start over.  I want to have set-in sleeves with a wider, more ballet-style, collar.  I hope all the people who expressed a desire for the pattern will forgive me; I must presume that most of them would also prefer set-in sleeves.  If you look realllllly close, you can see that I have picked up the sleeve stitches and knit about three rounds:

The second project is a one I’ve wanted to knit since it was first published last June:  the Traveling Sweater, by Karen Alfke, using the Blue Moons Woobu I bought at Madrona, in the color Midnight Oasis.  This is a fun pattern to knit because the short rows are constantly entertaining.    The shiny-ness of the yarn is exquisite, and it is really nice to work with.   I saw the sweater on at least half a dozen people at Madrona, and it looked great on all of them, from small to large and in between.  Hopefully I can finish it before I am overcome with the urge to knit one of the Bohus sweaters that is due to arrive on my doorstep at any moment! 

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