Anything Worth Doing Well is Worth Doing Over?

The silvery disk of shinyness that was progressing nicely upon my needles began to take on an aspect of suspicion to me last night.  I was admiring its slow curve, how my short row shaping was all but invisible, how I could just knit away on this garment without worrying about counting or messing up.  I held it out in front of me to judge the graceful arc of it, and the little devil on my left shoulder whispered into my ear:  the inside isn’t getting very long, is it?  If you keep going like this, you are going to have a twisty tornado of a collar.

Ignoring the wee fiend, I calmly picked up my pattern to see if I had missed something.  Turns out, the “wedge” portion that I repeat eight times has about ten rows described on the prior page that I was rather leaving out.  I have a few dozen rows to rip back.  I suppose it could have been worse.

It occurs to me that my readers may believe that I am totally inept as a knitter.  I seem to rip what I knit a whole lot.  But I console myself with the belief, if not the knowledge, that most knitters who complete beautiful garments go through the same cycles of ripping back and reknitting.  It’s just that many of them don’t have blogs, and perhaps those who do would prefer to endure their grief and shame privately.

In other news, I did receive my Addi straight turbo needles on Wednesday,  a mere week after I expected them.  I thought you might want to see a couple of representative patterns from the free booklet that was sent to compensate me for  having to wait so long for my three-day expedited order.  You’ll be jealous.

(Note:  I did order knitting needles, not crochet hooks))

I can’t wait to get started.

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