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A Bohus Begins

I couldn’t take it any longer.  I was good, very good, for over a week.  I finished my homework, went to class, started my new homework.  I knit a bit on the Traveling, practiced my lever knitting, started Project 3.  But in the end,  I succumbed to the call of the Bohus.

The attentive reader will be a bit confused after looking at this picture, this lovely beginning of a Bohus yoke, this small piece of grace lying peacefully like a delicate circular fairy creature, so soft and pretty. 

The confusion may emanate from the attentive reader because of the delicate pinks here and there among the whites and pale grays.  Pink?  The Large Lace Collar has no pink!  Ah, you would be correct.  This is indeed not the LLC, but instead the pink version of Gothic Windows.  I, in a moment of uncharacteristic practicality, decided that knitting a black sweater as my first Bohus might be a mistake.  I chose instead to knit a light-colored one so that when I get to the body I can still see the stitches. 

I savor my time with this sweater.  I am in no hurry; I treasure each stitch, each color.  It is truly beautiful.  It makes people gasp.

6 thoughts on “A Bohus Begins

  1. You will so enjoy this. I am going to start The Wild Apple sometime in the next month. It was time to knit another one!

  2. Darling, you write so beautifully….and your knitting, as always, is magnificent.

    I cannot wait to follow this gorgeous creation along its path to glorious completion!

    1. Michael, you are a treasure. It might be a long road (you know me and my multiple WIPS) but it is such a beautiful design it will be very worth it.

  3. Ohhhh, this is stunning Sheila! I don’t blame you for heeding the siren song. Enjoy, enjoy! You are going to make me want to order a kit… So you took delivery of two kits? Mmmmm, I’m thinking…

    1. Yes, two kits! Solveig is very prompt, and I received them within a week, all the way from Sweden! I was working on it today and marveling at the delicacy of the fabric. Which one are you considering?

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