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Poor Shaun

When Shaun the Sheep wandered into the Honey Bear Bakery Thursday night and laid down with a sigh on a very comfy-looking cupcake, he did not realize the fate to which he condemned himself. 

Shaun found himself and his newly adopted home on a plate in front of a knitter who had come to join her group.  He wasn’t worried; he was accustomed to flocking around other wool.  But Jeannine  considered the matter for a very long time (at least fifteen minutes), considering the pros and cons of consuming this confectionary– sheep or no sheep– and ultimately withheld any possible pardon.  Shaun was no more.  She does not look a bit remorseful, does she?

By the time Ryan and Laszlo had arrived, the evidence was all gone… all except for my record of Shaun’s health approximately twelve minutes earlier. 

As usual when Ryan is part of the group, there were memorable quotes to be recorded, to wit:

“When I run home to Mama, socks are my Mama.”

“Single people do not suffer from second sock syndrome.”

Ryan M., 3/25/2011

This week has been a busy blur, and it is still flying by.  I’ve been getting up earlier and earlier every morning, partly to keep up, and partly so that I can knit a bit on Gothic Windows.  It is progressing, but very slowly.

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