Mostly True

The cats,  having obediently admonished you to keep moving for the last few weeks, have been rewarded with an afternoon of catnip and relieved of their duty while I attempt to convince you that my blog has not gone totally to seed.

My status report includes the following accomplishments:

  • Knit a shawl (and finished it!)
  • Flew to upstate New York for a weekend
  • Advised my company that I have obtained employment elsewhere
  • Created an idyllic garden suitable for bucolic strolls in the dappled sunshine

(one of these is not true)

The New York thing is true.  We trolloped across the country to see my handsome young son put another arrow in his quiver, that of a master’s degree from the venerable Cornell CIPA.  Now he’s off to foreign lands to work his charm and will probably negotiate himself into a position in the monarchy of some small nation, such are his skills.

Knowing that the weather would be quite warm, but that insides of most buildings would be cold, I needed a shawl.  So, the shawl thing is true:   I knit Trousseau by Carol Feller, using a lovely blend of silk and merino, Karabella Lace.  Though the shawl was easy and quick and looks quite nice and provided exactly the right amount of cover and warmth, its loveliness was far outpaced by the tremendously gorgeous Taughannock Falls.  Here we see me at the upper falls, and below is my darling at the lower falls.

When we returned from our journey, I accepted a senior developer position at a new company, and will take on a commute greater than my current one mile, proving once again that life is full of compromises, so that one is true, too.

The bucolic garden?  That’s a big fat lie.

One thought on “Mostly True

  1. Aha, that was my guess… nice to see you back, Sheila! Congratulations on all fronts! Your son is a handsome lad. And maybe the garden will come along some day.

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