Underperforming Projects Need Not Stick Around

At various points along my career path I have worked for companies who fail to understand how terribly underperforming some of their employees are.  This is sometimes due to the failure of the person in charge to comprehend what the maladroit should actually accomplish, sometimes because company culture unwittingly reinforces ineptness by failing to dismiss non-contributors, and sometimes just because the incapable individual has charms that keep him in place.  Frustration ripens among his colleagues and they are forced to make a choice:  live with the terrible teammate and cover for his mistakes, or leave the company in hopes of a better situation.

What has this got to do with the price of tea in China*?  Not much.  But it does have something to do with knitting.  A WIP as been let go.  Terminated.  Frogged.  It is no more, it has ceased to be.  The pattern was fine, the knitting was fine, but the yarn could not live up to my expectations.  Noro sock yarn, while pleasingly chameleoncopating**, is an insipid, limp, cotton-like, stringy, dull and lifeless length of fiber.  That means I don’t like it, and it doesn’t do the job.  And if I don’t like it, and I am the Chief Yarn Officer (CYO) and Chief Knitting Officer (CKO) of my endeavors, then by Scrod I will ax any such underperformers and hope they find a better life elsewhere.  So there.  Oh yes.. the project of which I speak is Spectra, shown in my last post.

I quickly employed a replacement for the position of No-Brainer-But-Not-Bus-Knitting project, otherwise known as the Nob-Nobuk I.  (I have a nice project in the Nob-Buk I position, by the way, a Tosh Sock yarn employed in the construction of a simple ribbed sock; a well-behaved, timely and polite project that is a delight to manage).  The project chosen as  the Nob-Nobuk I replacement is the Taygete shawlette, the team consisting of two colors of Black Trillium sock yarn in the colors Little Mouse and Blackberry.  These yarns are working together, taking turns to form the stripes and coordinating very well with their colors.  I believe this position is now well filled; indeed the newest member of my staff is halfway done with the top triangle already!

*in case you were curious

**chameleoncopating means changing color in a slow rhythmic fashion.  Because I said so.

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