DaCapo, Da Capo

The other day I was sorting through my shelves of yarn thinking that I would categorize and inventory my stash, kits and works in progress.  I came across my Hanne Falkenberg kits for DaCapo, Ballerina and Mermaid.  Each of them is at some stage of completion, and I pondered what to do.  I am no longer a size 6, and so the sizes I was knitting will not fit me if I continue, yet I hate the thought of ravelling all that work and starting over.

The first thing I did was go to the Summerfuglen website and peruse all of the Falkenberg designs.  I fell in love with Donna and Cordelia, and after they were safely escorted into my shopping cart (oops) and out again, heading their way from Denmark to Seattle, I turned my attention back to DaCapo to see what I should do with it.

After establishing that I was knitting a size Small, and after arguing with myself as to whether this would still fit me (it won’t), I decided to check my gauge.  I started this little jacket about ten years ago, and my knitting has changed since then.  Back then I knit much more tightly; now I knit at a fairly typical gauge, usually achieving the gauge stated for a particular yarn on the specified needle.  My angst at having to reknit this was somewhat mitigated when I realized that the finished portion was at a gauge of 32 stitches and 56 rows, compared to the pattern gauge of 25 stitches and 50 rows.  Even if I was still a size 6, I would have had to reknit this to make it work out right.

So, I begin again.  Da Capo means “from the head” in Italian, or more commonly translated “from the beginning” in music.  This sweater has lived up to its name!  It has now been put into the position of SOB-AWIP (Some brainer, ancient wip).  It gets knit upon when I’m not up to twisted stitches but not quite brain dead enough for Taygete.

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