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The Bus, The Buddy, The Vienna

I’ve been at my new full-time job for exactly one week now, and I LIKE IT!  I get to ride the same bus that I was riding to my contract job before that, except that I get off two stops earlier, which means that there are only three stops (all along the freeway) before mine, which means that I get to the office rapidly, I don’t have to drive, and I can knit!  So it is that I have been working on the Bus Sock, but only when I’m in the mood.  Sometimes I play Rainbow Blocks on Scribonia.  Sometimes I check email and surf the net (the bus provides free wireless).   Sometimes I listen to a work of fiction via Audible.  Sometimes I sit and stare into space and hope that the little Japanese girl next to me doesn’t break her neck as she nods off.  And sometimes my bus buddy and I have a nice chat.  Bus Buddy is a contractor at my new company, and loves words as much as I do, so we talk about all kinds of things and have fun with English.  I turned him on to the Language Log, and he turned me onto Ella Minnow Pea, so it is a mutually beneficial buddyship.  And then, when we arrive at the transit center, we depart the bus and walk the three blocks to the Tall Black Building (TBB) together before going to our separate floors.

Another person who rides my bus is my boss.  That’s cool, because then we can walk to the TBB together (if it’s not a Bus Buddy day) and plan our work.  Then he goes to wait in the long line at the espresso stand in the lobby of the TBB, and I go on up to my office.  I save my coffee drink for after lunch, when I take my yellow porcelain ersatz-paper cup down to that same great espresso stand (where there is no longer a line) and convince the barista that I don’t want a breve, I want a heavy-cream latte.  Perhaps,   according to the Coffee Wiki, I should order a “Vienna”.  But slowly and surely the baristas are recognizing me and my order.

Meanwhile, during my daily knitting time, I have made progress on Taygete.  I am almost finished with the lace portion.

Lastly, a photo of my new-to-me drafting desk, a Craigslist find inspired by my knitting friend Amy, whose organizational skills I am trying to emulate (but fall pathetically short).  It came with a Vemco drafting machine, which I confess to having no clue how to use, but it looks so cool I set it up anyway.  I’ve ordered metric “scales” which are the clear plastic rulers that you see on top of the paper, and also a vinyl “cover” which is transparent and will cover the whole drafting surface.  The desk is 72″ wide, so there is plenty of room to have two or three drawings available at the same time.

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