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Do you hear Chipmunks singing?

Chwismas, Chwismas time is heaw, time for hope and time for cheew. ..

Okay, Alvin, you’re a bit early, but I understand your confusion.  I just finished Brian’s new Christmas stocking, the gorgeous Forest pattern by Judy’s Colors, which I purchased from Knit Purl about a month ago.  Actually, I purchased seven kits for different designs, one for each person in the family likely to be here at Christmas (and significant others).  Not that they will all actually be here, but at least I will be prepared in case they are.  Or at least that’s the Plan.  One down and six to go!

The stocking has not yet been steam pressed, and the loop has not been added for hanging, but I am tickled with it.  The yarn, Rauma Finullgarn, is wonderful to work with, and the pattern is extremely well written.

I announce also the completion of Taygete, another well-written pattern from Romi, just barely on the blocking wires.  I am going to enjoy wearing this little shawlette as a scarf with my winter coat.

This is a queen-sized mattress, so you can see that the shawl is quite wide.

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