Life is Good

Here I am– thanks for waiting!

Time snowballs recklessly and refuses to slow down, hence my recent sojourn away from the blog.  But life is good (knock on wood), very very good.

In August I accepted a job with Expedia as a data developer, and I love working there.  The enticement to join up (aside from the compensation package) was the chance to learn noSQL technologies and to apply them.  There’s always that fear that you will get a job and then your expectations will be unmet, but that fear was totally unfounded.  I have added Java to my arsenal of programming languages, and am quickly catching on to Cassandra and MongoDB, to be followed shortly by Neo4J, Hadoop and CouchDB as well as some homegrown in-memory data stores.  What fun!

The whole downtown Bellevue scene where Expedia is located is vibrant and alive, with everything within walking distance– except a yarn store.  But that could be a good thing.

Besides my work-related technology ramp-ups, I’ve also begun working with Objective-C and IOS on my very first Mac– a Mac Book Air.  The impetus behind this seeming madness was my iPad.  I love my iPad and take it with me everywhere.  I want to write some apps for it, ergo I needed a Mac.  It’s like switching to stripes after a lifetime of wearing polka dots, but not in a bad way.  Along the way I’ve also dipped my toes into Ruby, learned the Microsoft Entity Framework and Microsoft MVC.  So I’m spreading the love around.  I have to admit, though, that free professional grade open source software makes a whole lot of sense.

On the fiber front, I have completed and worn a couple of my Nihon Vogue sweaters, and when I have time I will post photos.  Currently on the needles is a V-neck cardigan for my beloved.

In October we lost our sweet Thor to kidney failure.  He was only three years old, and we miss him very much.  Fearing that Loki would be lost without a feline companion, we adopted a gray tabby kitten who had been found in an attic, starving.  How he got there and why will never be known, but the guys who lived there were allergic to cats.  After keeping him for a month and trying to locate his owners, they finally posted an ad on Craigslist at just the right time.  After an initial period of fighting with Loki, he has settled in well.  We named him Stonewall for his fierceness in battle and his comedic way of plopping down on his back when we approach him.

The winter solstice is only one week away, and the days will begin to grow longer again.  Life is good.

2 thoughts on “Life is Good

  1. Lovely to learn that all is well on ‘the other coast’! So sorry to hear of Thor’s passing but sounds like Stonewall ( it is after all, all in the name) will be mending the heart holes for the foreseeable future.
    It does seem a bit like wishing my life away but I too am longing for more daylight.

  2. Happy holidays to you, Mundi, I hope you have begun to feel the longer days already! Stonewall has discovered the ultimate toy– a Christmas bow– and spends many hours chasing, pouncing, carrying and looking for it. Such a simple thing, and it delights us all.

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