The Studio in Sunlight

Just as we were about to have galoshes surgically attached to our northwest feet and umbrellas implanted atop our Seattle skulls, the sun arrived.  Every year the weather teases us just a little bit more, and only the intrepid and those who take massive Vitamin D supplements can survive it.

I suddenly remembered (perhaps due to the sunlight) that I am supposed to occasionally tell you about my fiber endeavors, including (but not limited to) knitting.  Though I have missed a few months’ worth of Nihon Vogue classes, I still try to learn what is taught and thanks to good friends and fellow classmates I can do that.

My current project is just underway– a cardigan to be knit with Madelinetosh sportweight merino in a color called “Composition Book Gray”, which is a beautiful hue of cool grays trending toward lavender.  Lately I am drawn to this color like a caricature, as you will find out in future reports of other projects.  After having dutifully swatched and tallied up my gauge in all its permutations, I work on my draft in my little studio room, for once unencumbered by cats, who are presumably elsewhere in the house doing what cats do best– napping and dreaming about that poem where the cats creep in on little fog feet.

This particular cardigan will be round necked, with a twisted stitch motif placed on either side of the narrow button band.  The vertically knit bands will be created separately and sewn on for a nicer finish.  I am also putting in bust darts,  shaping the waist,  raising the back, adding short rows to the bottom sides, and raising the bustline for a nicer and more flattering fit.  The ribbing will be twisted rib.

Here are the swatches more plainly seen:

I have cast on for the back with a provisional caston and commenced with the first few rows.  It will be slow going, because unfortunately, since my fingernails are detaching from their beds, knitting hurts.  My oncologist assures me that this will “only” last for a few months.  I’m sure he meant to be encouraging.  Meanwhile, I’m in the process of trying to figure out how best to knit without using movements that involve, however remotely, my fingernails.  This is harder than you might think, because as you push the yarn along the needle, there is a pushing and pulling against the nail bed.  I’ve tried wrapping my fingertips in various substances, to no avail.  I’m hoping to have an epiphany any day now.

2 thoughts on “The Studio in Sunlight

  1. Thanks Sheila, for the info about the Renaissance Poll Dorset. I have some on order! And, your Madelainetosh is simply delicious! I adore Madelainetosh yarns … so soft, so squishy and the colors are heavenly.

  2. Ok, knitters don’t need their hair but fingernails are something else. Knitting is part of our therapy so it doesn’t seem fair when that gets interfered with. Will look forward to seeing your finished sweater. It will get done eventually. I did one for my daughter that took 5 years since it kept getting bumped for other projects. I think she had given up on me.

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