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Blustery Blunders

Post #2 of Plan B

Progress Achieved toward Goal: 16.66%

I was knitting merrily along yesterday as giant breaths of wind gusted wildly through the Pacific Northwest, hurling branches and debris at moving targets and kicking over flower pots like a tantrum driven two-year-old.  It was the kind of day Pooh would call “blustery”.  My gauge on Saint Olav was spot on (as Flavia de Luce, the 11-year-old British chemist and lover of poisons might say while examining the specimen under a microscope in her late great-uncle Tar’s laboratory) and I had just progressed to the main part of the lower body where I would begin my vertical columns of white.

May I direct your attention to the picture of the sweater in my last post?  Can you compare my beautiful green and red border with that of the design photo?  Take your time… I’ll wait.


Why no, as you can plainly see, you cannot compare them, for the design calls for red and white, not red and green!  Three steps forward, two steps back, and here I am, starting the border over again.


The weaving went a bit better, and I’ve added about an inch, despite many rescues of yarn tails from little kittens.


Because of the Blustery Day, we (along with thousands of other people) lost our power for about 12 hours,  and were forced to revert to primitive means of getting our morning coffee– to wit, driving around until we found an open Starbucks and having them fill our two Thermos containers.  If we had been better prepared, we would have procured a battery-powered coffee grinder and made cowboy coffee on the gas grill.

One thought on “Blustery Blunders

  1. I love that you’ve resumed blogging. Your thoughts are always material with me. I’m looking forward to our Norwegian KAL. I don’t know when I’ll get to Peace, though. I still have the sleeves to the Norwegian Embroidered Jacket in front only if me. I have to redesign those to fit my freakishly long arms. So it goes…….

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