What I did with the Forgotten Project

Maybe when I started the double wedding ring quilt that I subsequently forgot about I was a fresh new bride of 48 and eager to commemorate my union.  Eight years later, that is still an admirable goal, for I am quite happy with said union.

However, I am currently celebrating our retirement and move to Bebbanburg, and that calls for a different commemoration (said I to myself).  So I put the perplexing double wedding ring project aside for the moment or for another eight years, and began to design a different quilt, also English paper-pieced.  I call it the Bebbanburg Homecoming quilt.

It made sense to me that this should be done in the colors of Bebbanburg which have been slowly thought out over the last year.  Here is my palette of Sherwin-Williams colors used in the house that I used as inspiration for the quilt.


From left to right, these are Colonnade Gray, Watery, Garret Gray, Constant Coral, Blue Nile, North Star and Alabaster.

I have to say it is a lot more fun to design something when you don’t have the specter of having to go to work the next day hovering around you.  I designed and redesigned to my heart’s content.

The Homecoming quilt is a hexagon quilt, all hexagons are one inch.  Here is the first section that I have now sewn together.


Although I tried hard to pull fabrics from stash, I also took the opportunity to discover the local quilting shop in Hendersonville called Beginnings. I was somewhat disappointed that they like to focus more on pre-cut packs like layer cakes, jelly rolls and charm packs and and so their stock of bolt fabrics was smaller than what I had been accustomed to in Seattle, though still reasonably robust.

After I had been in the shop for about 5 minutes and had one bolt in my hands, the clerk asked if he could ring me up. “No way!” I told him. I was just beginning.

An hour and a half later I had finally settled on most of the fabrics, though I still need some more subtle corals.  I hear there is a quilt shop near Asheville that has 9000 fabrics in stock.  Be still my heart.   Since this photo was taken I decided to eliminate the green.


Here is a rough idea of my plan, but ignore the diamonds that are not consistent with the rest of them– I was playing around with ideas but decided that simpler was better.  Also, ignore the borders and pretend that the fabrics match the ones I bought.  Got it?!


Next post I will show you my start on the gansey I have designed for myself!

2 thoughts on “What I did with the Forgotten Project

  1. Sheila Not exactly sure what happened but I received 24 emails from you starting with the Woodrow/Ethel story from 2009, several in January 2010, up to the current one below. I’ve got a dinner to go to so unable to read all of them but enjoyed those I read, especially Woodrow and Ethel. Your new adventure sounds interesting – I didn’t want to say exciting as then perhaps I’d want to do it myself. All is well here in WW. So sorry Dicksie and I were unable to see you and Brian before you moved. Perhaps we can meet up in Virginia one of these days! Take care Sheila – hoping all is moving along quickly for the finishing of your new place. Love Deb

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    1. Hi Deb! I am so sorry, I apologize to you and to everyone else who got all those emails. I was re-publishing posts I had marked private and was unaware that everyone would get notified. Looking forward to seeing you and Dicksie in Virginia any time you choose! xoxox

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