Non impedimente ratione cogitationis

You may have noticed my fancy Latin motto in the header of this blog.  Today it is quite relevant.  (It was used by Car Talk and I thought I would borrow it for myself):  Non impedimenti ratione cogitationis:  Not impeded by rational thought.

It’s pretty funny to me that the famous Meyers-Briggs temperament analysis always has me as a Rational (INTJ).  And for the most part, I am.  But too often I get caught up in other thoughts and forget to think about what I’m actually doing.

Take this for example.



It’s my start on the lovely Carol Sunday design, Windfeather, in the Taos colorway.  I love the frequent color changes and the way they all flow together like facets of the ripples on a pond, reflecting something different in each wave.

This is achieved, this lace alternating with garter, by changing needles each time the color changes– size 4 for the garter, size 6 for the lace.  I finished the fourth color last night with an immense sense of self-satisfaction and eagerness to start knitting with the next color.  It has occurred to me that anticipating knitting with a color named Moth might have been frowned upon by the wool god Lanae Tuus, who determined to impress upon me his great displeasure, for I went to pick up my smaller needle and realized I had knit the entire Delft section with the wrong needle. It’s pretty obvious in the photo.  Non impediment ratione cogitationis.

Luckily, the Bebbanburg gansey has progressed a bit further, and if there are no known kerfluffles with it right now, it is because it began its life because of a kerfluffle.


A couple of years ago I decided I simply must knit the At Sea Gansey with this Claret Frangipani.  I knit both front and back welts, overlapped and joined them and was knitting the plain portion.  About 4 rounds into it I realized I had twisted the welts and I was now knitting an unofficial moebius.  Non impedimente ratione cogitationis.

I calmly put the beginnings, such as they were, into a plastic bag and stowed it where the sun doesn’t shine. (In my knitting armoire of course).  This time around, though I’ve made up my own pattern, I was extremely careful not to twist the welts.

It remains to be seen whether I stow the Windfeather stole until the pain of remembrance has gone away or whether the feather in disgrace will be ripped out and reknit immediately.  We shall see.

4 thoughts on “Non impedimente ratione cogitationis

  1. Too funny, I just started my Windfeather last week although it is in the High Country colorway. I am at almost exactly the same point – third garter section. And keep reminding myself to change the needle size because it would be so easy to not to do that. I do like the Russian splice at the edge, too.

    1. Ok, now you’ve thrown down the gauntlet, and I’ll have to quickly rip back and fix it and try to catch up! I haven’t made friends with the Russian splice. It reminds me too much of my first spit-splicing attempt, which went terribly wrong. So I will have many ends to weave in!

  2. Guess we’re having a 2-person knit-a-long my dear! I had hopes of knitting mine up and submitting it to Carol Sunday for photography and a Valuable Reward, but I suspect that ship has sailed.

    1. I have done the dirty deed and ripped back, so I’m with you! I absolutely love the Carol Sunday yarns, they are a delight to knit with and such pretty colors.

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